Monday October 16, 2017

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   About Michigan Living
  I bought long before most other Michigan site were around, but do to lack of funds and time it just never became what I wanted it to be. If you've visited over the years you've seem the many changes. Now ML is just going to be a news feeds page, top headlines on many subjects.
  Since I started ML I've watched many others grow in different ways. Some I really don't like, others are good. If your looking for a full featured interactive up to date site about Michigan, including things to do, places to see and much more, I recommend I find myself visiting there often as they have a wide variety of topics.
 Click here if you want to contact us or give some feedback.
   Global News Headlines - BBC
Iraqi forces enter Kirkuk as Kurds flee
Iraqi forces take over key buildings three weeks after a Kurdish independence referendum.

Portugal and Spain wildfires: Dozens dead and injured
At least 31 people are dead in Portugal and three in Spain as dozens of wildfires spread.

Malta blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia dies in car bomb attack
Government critic Daphne Caruana Galizia dies in an attack the PM calls "barbaric".

Two Catalan separatists in Spanish custody
A Spanish judge orders the detention of two Catalan pro-independence leaders accused of sedition.

Einstein’s waves detected in star smash
Scientists detect the warping of space generated by the collision of two neutron stars.

US Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl admits desertion
The 31-year-old US Army sergeant tells the court his conduct was "very inexcusable".

Lisa Wilkinson: Top Australian presenter quits in 'equal pay row'
Lisa Wilkinson says she is leaving because the Nine Network has not "met her expectations".

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